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Well I am taking an adventure in starting up the is page. I am hoping to turn it into a quality NASCAR 2\99 Site with not only a bunch of Files but alot of help.

I am looking for a Co-Webmaster to help. If your interested and know about building pages and HTML Please E-mail me. Thanks
2-26-99: The C.E.P. NASCAR 99 BODY with EASY INSTALL can be found in the NASCAR 99
NASCAR 2/99 Section:
Got the Cars, Trucks, Utilities and Links Pages Running

General Info:
Info About Webmaster Page is Running (Whew This Is Fun! Would Ya Believe Less Then 24 Hours Ago I Didnt Know A Thing About Making A Web-Site) :o)

Please E-mail Me If you Have Any Questions
or if ya have ICQ my Number is: 15595367