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A Little About Myself:

My name is Stephen. I live in Connecticut about 15 minutes south of the Rhode Island border near the seashore.
I am 24 years old and am a cancer survivor. I have been in remission since mid 1991. I was 13 when diagnosed. But thats not the first time. I also was born with cancer. My mother who is totally blind (from birth) had a rare cancer
named Retinoblastoma. It is a cancer that affects the retina of the eyes. She lost both her eyes. My sister who is 18 months older then I lost one of her eyes at birth like myself. In 1988 I was again diagnosed with a rare form of cancer named Rahbdomayosarcoma. I went through 1 year of chemotherapy and was in remmision for 18 months when it again apearred. After 6 more months of chemo followed by 3 months of radiation treatments. I sit here today making this page and thank GOD for my life.

I dedicate the Web-Site to the Men and Women, Voulenteers, Doctors and Nurses, Camp Counselors and everybody else who puts on a smile every day to make a sick child and thier families lives a little more bearable to live.

If you want or need to talk to me. I am here 24/7. Just ask it is the least I can do.

Stephen M. Campbell
Webmaster: RACING Revolution